Job title:Electronics Engineers
Position type:全职
Work experience:5年以上
Education requirements:本科
Recruitment number:2 name
Release time:2012-11-15
Job description
1, familiar with electronic circuit theory and analysis, responsible for the company's electronic products hardware design work;
2, according to the project schedule and task assignment, complete functional requirements and quality standards of hardware product development;
3, responsible for product related test and issue the test report.
4, hardware project evaluation and follow up, etc.
5, working location: shenzhen
Recruitment requirements
1, communications, electronics or related professional bachelor degree or above, three years experience in electronic product technology research and development. 2, familiar with analog circuit, digital circuit, has the good electronic technology base;Can independently complete the schematic design, PCB LAYOUT, BOM preparation, hardware debugging and other related work; 3, familiar with the AD, PADS, PROETEL EDA design tool, such as with multi-layer PCB design experience, experience in design and EMC anti-interference wiring; 4, have visual building intercom products or similar products design and development experience is preferred; 5, has the good team cooperation spirit, good communication skills and sense of responsibility, has the strong ability of study and endure hardship.
People:Ophelia Xiao
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